Thursday, October 24, 2013

Patriotic coin purse! (competition entry)

The past few months have been quite hard, you know, between changing diapers and brestfeeding and the work there's not really much time left for the hobbies. A while ago a Czech bead supply shop came up with a competition for the 95th anniversary of our country - create a piece in the national colors and use the Czech Preciosa beads. That was a challenge I couldn't miss. I like beading with Preciosa, you might say that there seed beads aren't as regular and neat looking and Toho or Miyuki but when you get into it and start working with them, you'll see why so many (especially Czech) beaders like about them. They have their charm, they come in a huge variety of sizes and colors and for us Czech beaders it is of course a question of national pride as well :)
It didn't take me that long to figure out what I'd create for this competition - I wanted something practical, something one can use in the everyday life and since I'm crazy about coin purses, I decided to make yet another one.