Wednesday, May 15, 2013

B.O.T.B ´13 - Beading under pressure and with a newborn in my arms

I have mentioned to just a few of my friends that I'm participating in an international beading contest. I didn't say much more but I feel I should make it right at least now when the deadline is approaching.

Battle of the Beadsmith or BOTB in short is held by the beads etc. supplier.....Beadsmith (surprisingly). The 2013 battle is just the second year of this international competition but it's definitely worth taking part in or at least following. 192 artist from all around the world have 2 months to create a design and then are eliminated in "battles" of pairs.
Since many of the people I know still think that beadweaving and bead embroidery are a child's play, here's the winner of BOTB '12 - Alla Maslenikova and her amazing Baroque:

I didn't take part in the last year's battle and I'm really glad I have been "called to arms" this year. It's been really something this time because my daughter was born just 3 days before the battle started and so I'm basically beading with a baby in my arms. I had to make some changes to what I originally had in mind but even so I am really excited about battling some of the worlds' greatest beadweavers. My design is almost finished and I'm looking for a model for the photo shoot. The deadline is June 1 and I'll share the photos with you after this date.
The official BOTB blog is here.

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