Sunday, November 17, 2013

Geocaching and Beadweaving - The Portokali's Beadwoven Bug is out there!

I like beadweaving. And I like geocaching. And so I put these two hobbies of mine together...
Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt game. You are given the coordinates and the hints and you look for the caches which can be hidden basically anywhere. A part of this game are the so-called Travel Bugs - you can send your bug out there and follow its travels. You can also set a "mission" for your bug and tell the other cachers where you want the bug to go.

And so the Portokali's Beadwoven Bug was created...
I want mine to spread the message about beadweaving and travel to as many countries as possible. To help it accomplish its mission I made a beadwoven pendant - the geocaching logo.
It took me quite some time to find a cache in my city that I'd find worthy of putting my bug in it to start its journey. I found it today and so it's finally out there.
If you live in or near Brno, you can try to catch the bug before another cacher moves it elsewhere, here is the link to the cache. And you can read a little more about the bug and follow its journey right here.

I also made a set (earrings and pendant) for passionate geocachers - for sale here.

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