Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purple charm - a necklace full of Swarovski

This was the first piece which I sketched properly before starting to bead. I think it's to be expected that the reality will differ but I was surprised how much the necklace resembled the one on the paper (what a pity that I threw the sketch away). I was going for something elegant and luxurious and also I recently took a liking in beaded flowers with the center made of rivoli. 

I created several ornamental pieces and assembled them into what would be the front center of the necklace. I didn't want to make all the pieces and then join them because I was sure something wasn't going to turn out as I planned. And this was a right call because I finally needed many more pieces and also shaped a little differently. 

I didn't count the pieces but I can tell you that there are 15 Swarovski rivoli in this necklace, two of which form the center of the flowers. One of the flowers is at the back of the neck which looks really really good and besides, it's an important part of the closing - the flower hides 2 carbines underneath it.
As for the colors, I went for a black-purple gradient. The black beads were mixed with a small portion of metallic nebula beads to make the color a little more interesting. Black blends into dark purple which goes over to light purple and the last color is light purple-pink.
Exhausted but happy, I decided that I wanted the necklace photographed on myself. I think it deserves a picture with a real model in the future and I'll be working on it, but I'm happy with the result for now, especially because I was 7 months pregnant at that time which fortunately didn't show on my face. Big thanks to my beloved Carlos for the lovely photo:

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Here some more photos for you to enjoy:

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