Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring, please!

I'm not a big fan of winter. I hate being cold and I don't like snow unless it's in the mountains or in my garden. Therefore, this year I decided to call the spring with this little piece called the Ladybug brooch to break the monotonousness of the winter colors.
A ladybug on a leaf is a classic theme I think, however, it just doesn't get old. If you like colorful things, you just have to like the cute red bug sitting on a green leaf. 
I finally got to try a new leatherette for the lining. It's from Italy, 380 g/m2, not too soft, yet not so tough that I couldn't get a beading needle size 12 through it. The beads are my usuals - small part are the Japanese TOHO beads and the rest is Preciosa (Czech glass beads), which - I must say - has made a big progress since I started beading. Years ago the Preciosa beads (formerly called Jablonex) were rather irregular, of good quality but not really good for anything but freeform. Nowadays they're still not a perfect example of regularity but I think they are excellent for almost anything. 
Let me say at the end that the brooch "worked", we are finally getting some spring here!

You can check out the brooch also here: My e-shop (international and Czech), Fler (only Czech)

Enjoy some more photos:

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